Visa® UChoose Rewards*


uChoose Rewards

How Do the Rewards Work?

With your MyRewards Platinum Visa credit card, you get access to redeem your points for thousands of items available through the UChoose Rewards Catalogue.  Here's how your MyRewards Platinum Visa credit card pays you back:

Earn one point for every $1 you spend with your MyRewards Platinum Visa credit card.

Take advantage of the bonus point opportunities that occur several times throughout the year.  Notification of these opportunities will be provided on your MyRewards Visa statement.

At just 1,500, you can start redeeming your points for rewards.

 UChoose Rewards Image

Get Started Redeeming Your Points

First you'll enroll in the UChoose Rewards program and set up a user name and password.

Once you are set up, you'll be able to view your available points and can begin shopping to redeem your points for all kinds of fun and interesting gifts you can give to someone else, or keep for yourself!

Here are just a few examples of what your UChoose Rewards points can earn you, in addition to cash back:

Travel Rewards Gift Cards Merchandise Rewards
Round trip airfare tickets to anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States Starbucks® Bose Quiet Comfort 15® Headphones              
Hotel nights at major cities available at the Sheraton, Ritz Carlton®, Fairmont®, and the Marriott® Best Buy Sony® CD/AM/FM Stereo Clock Radio with iPhone and iPod dock
  Pottery Barn  
Avis Car Rentals Macy's KitchenAid® stand mixer
Event Tickets for theater, sports and concerts Regal Entertainment                 Fitbit® - Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracker Wristband

UChoose Rewards Image

The catalogue of items available to shop from changes frequently.  Items listed above are for example purposes only and may not be available at the time of redemption.  All items in the catalogue are subject to change.