Card Tips

Tips & Help for your cards!

If planning to use your card while traveling outside your local area please contact our Contact Center ahead of time.  There is a secure form to notify us of your travels inside of Online Banking under Secure Forms. Your account needs to be notated to avoid fraud or having your card blocked.

Protect your card from unauthorized use by following these helpful tips:

  1. Sign and activate your card right away. Note: Using your card with the PIN will not automatically activate the card, you must call.
  2. Re-occurring and preauthorized payments will not be automatically transferred. Contact your merchants right away to update card information on file to prevent any payment issues.
  3. If your card number has changed you will need to choose your PIN in a branch or have a computer PIN generated and sent to you. Once received, please memorize your PIN! If you have to write it down, please do not keep it with you.
  4. Did you know that in the event of potential fraud we will attempt to contact you immediately?  Please take the time to verify your daytime and evening phone numbers, and your email address, are current.