MyRewards VISA

Visa® Credit Card

Looking for a rewards credit card that offers flexible rewards and won't cost an arm and a leg?  You've found it!

Dare to Compare

Noble Credit Union vs ANY Bank Cash Advances
  Annual Fee Annual Percentage Rate - Purchases
(as low as)
Variable Rate Fee Annual Percentage Rate
(as low as)
Noble Credit Union MyRewards
Platinum Visa Card
$0 9.90% No $0 9.90%
Bank of America Premium Rewards Card $95 18.24% Yes 3%
(min $10)
Citi Premier Card $95
(after the first 12 months)
16.74% Yes 5% or $10
(whichever is greater)
Chase Sapphire Preferred Card $95
(after the first 12 months)
18.24% Yes 5% or $10
(whichever is greater)

Bonus:  Member who have been with Noble Credit Union for 20 or more years get a special bonus of a 1% annual percentage rate discount on the Rewards Visa's The Loyalty Rewards card and it comes with all the benefits of the MyRewards Visa Card.

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* *APR-Annual Percentage Rate
Loyalty Rewards Visa available for members who have been with the Credit Union for 20+ years.