MyRewards VISA

Visa® Credit Card

Visa Double Points

Shop now and play later with a MyRewards Visa credit card, twice as fast in July and August!  All MyRewards Visa credit cardholders are getting DOUBLE REWARDS POINTS* on every purchase that applies to their card in the months of July and August.  Do your school shopping, take an end of summer vacation, finish paying for your summer remodeling, because all of it will get you double the rewards points. Use them for anything from cash back to a cruise vacation, you choose how you’ll spend all of the points you earn!

*Double points accrue on all purchases applied to a MyRewards Visa credit card July 1-Aug 31, 2019.  Not valid on cash advances or balance transfers.


Looking for a rewards credit card that offers flexible rewards and won't cost an arm and a leg?  You've found it!

Dare to Compare

Noble Credit Union vs ANY Bank Cash Advances
  Annual Fee Annual Pecentage Rate - Purchases
(as low as)
Variable Rate Fee Annual Percentage Rate
(as low as)
Noble Credit Union MyRewards
Platinum Visa Card
$0 9.90% No $0 9.90%
Bank of America Premium Rewards Card $95 18.24% Yes 3%
(min $10)
Citi Premier Card $95
(after the first 12 months)
16.74% Yes 5% or $10
(whichever is greater)
Chase Sapphire Preferred Card $95
(after the first 12 months)
18.24% Yes 5% or $10
(whichever is greater)

Bonus:  Member who have been with Noble Credit Union for 20 or more years get a special bonus of a 1% annual percentage rate discount on the Rewards Visa's The Loyalty Rewards card and it comes with all the benefits of the MyRewards Visa Card.

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* We will give you the best possible rate based upon your qualifications.
* *APR-Annual Percentage Rate
Loyalty Rewards Visa available for members who have been with the Credit Union for 20+ years.