Personal loans are a great option when you need extra cash for unexpected expenses, a family vacation or to help pay for college.  At Noble Credit Union, we offer a variety of loans to fit your needs:

Personal Loan
Use funds from a Personal Loan for any reason.  Fixed terms are available up to 84 months, up to $15,000 borrowed, and come with low budget friendly rates.

Overdraft Line of Credit
This low rate, line of credit that provides overdraft protection for a Credit Union Checking Account.  Manage cash or cover large expenses with a Noble Credit Union Overdraft Line of Credit. It's a ready source of funds that is tied to your checking account to cover transactions made when the funds in your checking account have been depleted. When you access the account, you only pay interest on the amount you draw from the loan. Best of all, there are no transaction fees to access the line of credit. With the Overdraft Line of Credit, you get peace of mind that your transactions will be covered (up to your available limit).

Share Secured Loans
Noble CU will lend up to 100% of available (unpledged) shares in a savings account, up to the current maximum secured loan amount.

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