Become a Business Partner

Become A Business Partner

Q.  What is a Business Partner?
A.  A Business Partner is an organization who would like to partner with the Credit  Union to give their employees and their family members the opportunity to become eligible for membership to Noble Credit Union.

Q.  What is the cost?
A.  There is NO COST to your organization.

Q.  Why would we want to become a partner?
A.  To compliment your current benefits package that you offer your employees.

Q.  Why is a business partnership so beneficial?
A.  Noble Credit Union is a closed credit union, meaning that not just anyone can open an account.  You must be eligible to join, thereby making this partnership both beneficial and exclusive.

Q.  How does my company qualify?
A.  Your company must be within 25 miles of a current branch.

 If you would like more information on becoming a business partner please contact:

Carin Hodge
Business Development Officer
(559) 451-2316

Become one of our Business Partners today!