Reverse Money Market

Earn More. Smile More.

The first $2,500 in your Reverse Money Market will earn you an amazing 3.00% APY*

You work hard for your money - so put your money to work for you and enjoy flexible access to your funds where you can still make withdrawals without penalty.  **  Check it out yourself:

You Earn: On your balance of:
3.00% APY $100 - $2,500
2.00% APY $2,501 - $4,999
1.00% APY $5,000 - $7,499
0.50% APY $7,500 - $9,999
0.15% APY $10,000 and over
Calculate your blended APY on any deposit amount below: Reverse Money Market Calculator
Calculator is for demonstration purposes only and is not a guarantee of return. Calculator is based on original deposit being in the account for one year and is calculated based on annual compounding interest; the Reverse Money Market is compounded monthly.


Dare to Compare - well, it's hard to find a money market to compare with that puts your interest first, but take a look at how the Reverse Money Market compares to other money market accounts:***

  Up to $2,500 in balances you'll earn: Up to $5,000 in balances you'll earn: Up to $10,000 in balances you'll earn:
Noble Credit Union 3.00% APY 2.50% APY 1.65% APY
Ally Bank N/A .90% APY .90% APY
Citibank N/A .01% APY .01% APY
Bank of America N/A .03% APY .03% APY
Chase N/A .01% APY .01% APY
Wells Fargo N/A .01% APY .01% APY

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*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Minimum deposit of $100 required to open a Reverse Money Market Account.  Interest will be paid monthly on balances within each tier and in a blended fashion. Minimum $200 per withdrawal.  The Reverse Money Market is a variable rate share product with no set term.  Limit one Reverse Money Market Account per member (based on individual Social Security number). Rates subject to change.  **Maximum of six electronic withdrawals/transfers per month.   *** Data as of 4/23/19 from the other financial institutions websites.