Products & Services

Regular Savings

This account establishes your membership. A $5 deposit opens the account and maintains your membership for life. There is no monthly service charge. An average daily balance of $250.00 or more will earn dividends, which are paid monthly.

Secondary Savings Accounts

Need to save for something specific, but don't want to open a new account to do it?  You don't have to!  Just request a Secondary Savings account and tell us what you want to call it.  It will be set up under your main account number and you will be able to keep those funds separate for easier tracking.  Here a just a few of the accounts our members have set up for special circumstances:
Wedding Funds, College Expenses, Emergency Car Repairs, Family Vacation, Emergency Fund, Tax Expenses, Honeymoon, Holiday Savings, the possibilities are endless!

You can set up direct deposit payouts from your paycheck, or automatic transfers from your checking each month.  You can even transfer between your credit union accounts in online and mobile banking whenever you need to access those funds.  It's easy and convenient.  Set up yours today by calling 559-252-5000.

EverGREEN Teen Savings Account

Our New EverGreen Teen Savings Account is the best thing ever!
Paired with the free checking account, you can get complete access to your cash!  EverGreen accounts have the exact same benefits as adult accounts, including online & mobile banking, Direct Deposit, Visa Debit Card (with a Checking account), and MORE!

Parent can have access to their teen's account while setting them up for financial success! 
Get the party started - open an EverGreen Teen Savings Account* today!

*Membership eligibility required, as well as a valid California ID, Student ID with photo or other federally issued photo ID (a Social Security card may be requested).  Parent or legal guardian must be a joint owner on the account.

Star Savers

Teach children early about good saving habits. A $5.00 initial deposit begins earning dividends. There are no monthly service charges. Open to all members' children and grandchildren; children must be under age 18, have a Social Security number and be able to sign their name. If the child is unable to sign, a Uniform Transfers for Minor's account may be established (speak with a Financial Service Officer at a branch for more information).