Credit Union vs Banks

Why Credit Unions Aren't Banks

On the surface, credit unions seem similar to banks. Both institutions offer Checking services, Savings accounts, and Auto loans, but that's where the similarities end.

Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives. In essence, this means that one Member's savings becomes another Member's loan. This cooperative structure allows Noble Credit Union to offer highly competitive dividends and some of the lowest loan rates available.

At Noble Credit Union, we don't serve customers we serve Members! And that's exactly what you become when you join: a Member and an Owner of your own financial institution.

Our Members are Owners

The Credit Union is owned entirely by its members, so there are no investors to dictate product and service decisions based on stock prices. Instead, management answers to a Board of Directors elected from the Membership and dedicated to making decisions that provide the most value to all members.

Members are the Credit Union's most valued asset, and we treat them as such. For twelve continual years, credit unions outrank banks in consumer satisfaction, according to the annual American Banker/Gallup Survey.

When you join Noble Credit Union you become a part of a family where the credit union tradition of 'People Helping People' is alive and well. We invite you to become part of an organization that has dedicated itself to serving Members since 1941.