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Card Controls FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Card Controls:

Q. How do I set my notifications?

A. The Alerts and Control Preference screen allows you to set your preferences for alert delivery—turn the alerts on or off, and see the phone number and e-mail address alert notifications are delivered to. Keep in mind, the phone number and e-mail address are pulled directly from your alert settings in Online Banking. If you haven't entered a phone number, you won't be able to receive text alerts until you enroll in Text Banking.

Q. What is Card Controls?

A. This FREE service allows you complete versatility and control over your debit card transactions. Turn your card on and off, block certain types of merchants, certain types of transactions, and even set a spending limit. It's up to you! You'll also be able to set alerts, so you stay in the know when it comes to your money.

Q. How do I get started with Card Controls?

A. Sign into your Online Banking or Mobile Banking account. Click "Card Controls" and accept the Terms and Conditions. If you do not have an Online or Mobile Banking account set up, you'll need to do that before enabling Card Controls. Give us a call at 1-800-613-2328 to get started. To receive alerts through SMS text messaging*, you'll need to enroll in Text Banking if you haven't already. You can do that anytime in your Online Banking account. *Message and Data rates may apply.

Q. Is there a fee to use Card Controls?

A. No, this service is absolutely free! Please note that if you choose to receive text alerts through Debit Card Controls, your carrier's messaging and data rates may apply.

Q. How do I get my Card Controls in Online Banking?

A. Click "Card Controls" in your Online Banking/Online Services tab.

Q. How do I get to my card contols in Mobile Banking?

A. Click "More" then click "Card Controls" in your Mobile Banking menu to access your card controls.

Q. I don't have an Online or Mobile Banking account. How do I use Card Controls?

A. You must register for Online or Mobile banking to use the Card Control services.

Q. How can I tell if my debit card is on or off?

A. On the main Card Alerts and Controls screen, each debit card you have will be listed alongside a toggling status.

Q. If a debit card is blocked, is every transaction blocked??

A. All ONE-TIME TRANSACTIONS are blocked when you set a card to OFF. However, any recurring payments will continue to process normally.

Q. How do I switch my card OFF or ON?

A. Simply tap the toggling status to change it. Your selections instantly take effect, putting you in control of your money.

Q. How do I set my text or e-mail notifications?

A. It's up to you! You can set up alerts for every transaction, for preferred transactions only, or just for a blocked transaction attempt. In the Alert and Control Preferences screen, use the drop-down to set your preference.

Q. What card can I use in Card Controls?

A. You may use Debit, Credit and HSA cards. Card Control is not available for ATM cards.

Q.Can I block only certain types of merchants?

A. Yes! Using the Merchant Type tab withing the Alert and Control Preferences window, you can set blocks for specific spending categories such as "Restaurants", "Travel", and even "Age Restricted".

Q. Can I receive alerts for specific types of transactions or transactions at specific merchants?

A. Yes, if you have your Send Alerts setting set to Preferred Transactions, you'll be able to block and unblock specific merchants or types of transactions. (Note: blocking a merchant or type of transaction will prevent you from toggling the corresponding alerts.)

Q. Can I block only certain types of transactions?

A. Yes. Using the Transaction Type tab within the Alerts and Control Preferences window, you can set blocks for specific types of transactions such as ATM, online, mail/phone order, and other types of transactions.

Q. Can I set spending limits?

A. Yes! In the Alert and Control Preferences window, in the Spend Limits tab, you can toggle the block on and off and set your own customized limit. All transactions outside of the set threshold will be blocked.

Q. What if I have more questions?

A. Please give us a call the Credit Union at (559) 252-5000.or call the Credit Union at (559) 252-5000.