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Introducing #NobleSaves365!

Noble Credit Union is always looking for ways to improve the lives of our members with financial advice that is accessible to everyone!  This year we are introducing a new way to help our members create opportunities to increase their savings.

#NobleSaves365 will offer savings tips and opportunities that will help you save 365 days a year!  You'll be able to recognize the "Tips" and "Noble Recommends" offerings by the #NobleSaves365 piggy bank logo posted with the suggestions:

Here is your #NobleSaves365 January Tip of the Month:


Looking for something fun to do with your kids?  Consider starting a penny-a-day challenge!  Even if it's not January 1st, you can still start.  Begin any day of the year, collect pennies, and after 365 days you will have saved almost $700!

Here's how it works.  On day 1, save 1 penny.  Then day 2, save 2 pennies.  Day 3, save 3 and so on.  This means on day 200 you will have put aside $2.00, and on day 365 you'll put away $3.65.  At the end of the year you will have saved $667.95 without even feeling it!

Go to our Noble Credit Union Pinterest page to see more examples of the Penny-A-Day savings challenge.

Regular Savings

This account establishes your membership. A $5 deposit opens the account and maintains your membership for life. There is no monthly service charge. An average daily balance of $250.00 or more will earn dividends, which are paid monthly.

Star Savers

Teach children early about good saving habits. A $5.00 initial deposit begins earning dividends. There are no monthly service charges. Open to all members' children and grandchildren; children must be under age 18, have a Social Security number and be able to sign their name. If the child is unable to sign, a Uniform Transfers for Minor's account may be established (speak with a Financial Service Officer at a branch for more information).