Fresno County Federal Credit Union has become Noble Credit Union.

The task of choosing a name that would resonate with 83,000 members was a daunting one. We realized our name should represent our ongoing commitment to you, the true owners of the credit union. As a not-for-profit cooperative, our Mission (who we are) is to provide financial services to our members. Our Vision (how we accomplish our Mission), is to treat every one of our members with the utmost dignity and respect, and to do that with sincerity and compassion. We believe we have successfully built a culture on this Vision, and we continually receive survey responses and feedback from our members that confirm that success. Given our long-held Vision, the choice of the name Noble Credit Union was an obvious one. It forms a promise to our members and a commitment on the part of the staff.


Our new branding statement, “Where you’re worth more” also reflects our commitment to you. We will continue to provide you many options for products and services that will save you money. We want to earn your trust so you will always be confident in turning to us first for financial assistance or advice.


Our name is changing but our commitment to you is unwavering. You are the reason we exist. You may have questions and I encourage you to read the information on the following pages. Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions you may have.  I can be reached at or at (559) 451-2340.


We value your membership and thank you for your loyalty to the Credit Union.

Susan Ryan

Core Values
We are Noble, because:

  1. We honor our members' dignity, and we treat their needs with the utmost respect.
  2. We are dedicated to improving the financial strength of our members, one member at a time.
  3. We have a commitment to team values that is absolute.
  4. We each contribute to being part of something special.

We Are Noble!

You probably have questions, which we’ll answer below.

  • The Credit Union has evolved and now serves thousands of members outside the County of Fresno entity and borders. The new name will be more reflective of the membership served by the Credit Union.

  • It's simple. The Credit Union demonstrates everything that "noble" is defined as - trustworthy, honorable, decent, reputable, and more. When deciding on a name, we wanted it to represent the organization's character and what our members can expect from us. The name "Noble" simply says it all.

  • No, Noble Credit Union is still managed by the same Board of Directors and is still owned solely by our members. Noble Credit Union continues to be financially safe and sound.

  • Immediately! Over the next month or so you will see the transition to Noble Credit Union. The first changes you’ll see will be in the branches, online, and in advertisements. We anticipate having the full transition completed by the end of the year.

  • No, Noble Credit Union is managed by the same Board of Directors and is owned solely by our members. Noble Credit Union continues to be financially safe and sound.

  • Besides the name, new logo, and branding statement, everything else will stay the same. Our commitment to our members, quality services, hours, locations, and of course, our super-friendly staff will remain unchanged. The new name gives us the opportunity to look for even more ways to better serve our members.

  • This change means greater opportunity for Noble Credit Union to grow, which will aid in continuing to provide low-cost, high-quality products and services to help you manage your accounts and achieve your financial goals.

  • Yes. The legal name of the Credit Union is Noble Federal Credit Union. You will see the legal name on Credit Union agreements and official documents. Rest assured, we continue to be Federally Chartered and your deposits will continue to be insured by the National Credit Union Administration. However, we will commonly be known by the simpler, more memorable name – Noble Credit Union.

  • Yes and no. Our new website address (URL) is and features the visual changes that reflect the look and feel of the new name. We encourage you to save the new URL as a favorite so that you can easily access the website. If you continue to use the current web address, you will be redirected to the new one. The website content and functionality will remain the same; access to online banking will remain unchanged.

  • It wouldn’t be a celebration without you. Since you, our members, ARE the Credit Union, it is only fitting that we celebrate together. We will be celebrating all month long, so look for exciting activities and giveaways at all our branches throughout the month!

Questions regarding your accounts:


New name, same amazing member service.

  • The new name, Noble Credit Union is an investment in our future together, and a foundation for growth in the years to come.
  • The new name reinforces the Credit Union’s promise to our members.
  • With this new name, we are strengthening our commitment to our members, our core values, and our mission.
  • The new name better represents what the Credit Union stands for and is more simple and memorable.
  • Rest assured, our ultra-competitive rates and fees, along with our quality of service and our familiar and friendly staff will remain firmly in place.

We Are Noble!